• Colorado River Water Users Association, Las Vegas, NV
    In 2011 at the Colorado River Water Users Association in Las Vegas in concert with the Environmental Defense Fund and CWI, prominent Ag water leaders were invited to discuss partnerships and data regarding agricultural water management. Three main goals of the workshop were to: initiate discussion with representatives of the agricultural water community on the geographic characteristics of water governance in the Colorado River Basin; solicit input on the development of a basin-wide database of water governance organizations; and request data and insights about agricultural water governance at a local scale to contribute to the database.
  • Addressing Water for Agriculture in the CRB Planning Grant Workshop, Tucson, AZ
    Faculty and staff from the seven CRB land-grant universities met for a two-day workshop with the purpose of identifying key research and education needs and developing a cohesive team of university faculty to build on past and current efforts addressing water issues the basin. The workshop facilitated the goal of arriving at a mutual understanding and consensus on key components of the survey instruments, interview procedure, GIS mapping, pilot projects, and communications platform.