In November 2012, an online survey was administered to agricultural water users in select counties of Arizona and Colorado. Over 350 farmers and ranchers who use water from the Colorado River system participated in the survey.


  • To identify the pressures Colorado River Basin agricultural water users are experiencing with regard to their water supply.
  • To identify beliefs held by agricultural water users about:
    • water security
    • changes in water law and policy
    • the role of storage
  • Identify agricultural water users' preferences for meeting future water demands in the Colorado River Basin.
  • To gather baseline data on agricultural water users’ interest and involvement in agriculture water transfers.
  • To identify agricultural water users’ interest in working cooperatively with other agricultural and non-agricultural stakeholders to address water challenges.
  • Identify how land-grant universities can assist farmers and ranchers with the challenges they are facing, or will be facing with regard to their agricultural water.


Click HERE to view the survey questionnaire.


Click HERE to view an overview of the survey results.

Click HERE to access Understanding Beliefs and Preferences of Irrigators Towards the Use and Management of Agricultural Water in the Colorado River Basin